A Stylish Way to Stop Your Pets Bad Habits!   
Stop Cats and Dogs from Digging in Potted Plants and Getting into Trash Cans.... with style!   

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Plant Pattern Covers are a unique and stylish way to cover the soil on your potted plants, making an ordinary plant look extraordinary!

Benefits of using Plant Pattern Covers:
• Stops cats, dogs, other animals and “little ones” from digging in your
   plants and trash cans, making a mess!
• Maintains moisture for less watering times
• Alleviates customers from using your flowerpots as a trash bin
• Covers unsightly soil and roots of plants

Plant Pattern Covers are made of durable, elastomeric fabric. Our unique design allows you to easily cover your already-potted plant and the center ring makes it easy to water your plant without removing the cover.

Plant Patterns are available in several stylish patterns and fit round flowerpots ranging from 6" to 20", as well as 2 gallon to 40 gallon trash cans. Each Plant Pattern has two colored snaps for easy adjusting. See our FAQ page for easy instructions.

Recommended for Indoor Use
Material: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Machine Wash Cold/Air Dry
Manufactured in the USA



plant_pattern_use_022 plant1 trash1 trash2 trash3 bathroomblackbones kitchen1 before after plant2 plant3
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